Welcome to the beginning of our Kindness Rock Project we are a group of 2nd grade student making small gestures of kindness that we know will lead to HUGE impacts in hearts.

We are a special group of about 60, 2nd grade students. We are on a mission to create a world filled with kindness. With the help of our inspirational teachers, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Minke, Mrs. Clark and some determined Room Mothers, we know we can change the world with our actions and our kindness rocks.

We are featuring rocks from the beaches of Friday Harbor and then adding our own words of encouragement, love, happiness and hope on each rock. We hope that our rocks touch the people that find them.  There is a worlds wide movement for the Kindness Rock Project and we wanted to be a part of it.

We have been working on the kindness rocks since Feb of 2017 and we officially launched our own garden at 25 Nichols St. Friday Harbor WA 98250 on May 08, 2017 We are hoping other schools and possibly organizations will add to the garden and it will grow.

Please follow our journey and come visit our Kindness Garden in Friday Harbor, Washington.